Our Leaders



A born showman and a savvy business woman. These joint forces are personified in the form of married couple, Osman Osman and Shaaista Khan Osman. Combining their expertise, experience and enthusiasm as the two pillars of lifestyle and management brand, Blu Blood, this pair is set to achieve more victories in their company’s various fields.


Osman Osman

A Diploma in International Management Marketing and aspirations to complete his Law Degree, Osman proclaims the business and local surround of his upbringing has been the best university that he could ever attend. Osman believes “learning from others’ mistakes and experiences can ensure your own success”. Osman has worked in both the business and entertainment sectors and one of his entertainment highlights includes being part of the hit local movie, Material.


Shaaista Khan Osman

Starting out with a humble upbringing as the youngest of six children, Shaaista’s story is true testament of hard work and dedication. With her strong feminine healing side, she has successfully completed studies in Naturopathy and Naturology. Furthermore, she has dabbled in Law, Psychology and Theology. Shaaista has also successfully completed a Diploma in Project Management and Labour Law from the University of Cape Town. She pioneered Blu Blood in 2008 and has had many achievements of note since then. Shaaista proclaims that it is up to the individual to “seize every opportunity, own each day and sculpt your own brilliance”.


The Dynamic Duo

A sweet story of fate brought Osman and Shaaista together. The couple met at a mutual friend, neither of whom had heard of the other nor ever met before, although having both lived in Laudium (in central Pretoria) for years. Shaaista was hosting a Childline Gala Women’s Day Luncheon on the night of their meeting, and Osman, being his charismatic self, insisted he would assist this worthy cause. This chance experience led to the two becoming fast friends and not to long after, love was in the air. The couple is now happily married and has combined forces to take Shaaista’s business venture, Blu Blood, to new heights.